SIAA Memberships Now Available

Available now to captives, established independent insurance agencies and start-up independent agents SIAA;  The National Agency Alliance is now enrolling members  in designated territories. Before  we go into all the great benefits our member agencies get when they join let’s talk about why you probably  need to join and put the sales talk aside for now. Actually we cannot do that because as independent insurance agents  it really is all  about the sale – in the end.  But you might be at the beginning right now either as a captive who wants or needs to transition to the independent insurance agency system or you   are an established agency that has gone a little stale in the past few years of operation – new business is just not coming in   the door and retention is running a temperature. One of you needs a start and one of you needs a jump start and with membership in the SIAA you get it.

A while ago when I was starting out in the insurance industry a mentor told me “You don’t know what you don’t know.” How  really true that was then and how very true  it is today. Sometimes we either blindly go along the path of our life or we are  blindly led by others all to no avail.  Wouldn’t it be nice to share ideas or benefit from the knowledge of those who have gone before you?  But wouldn’t it be really nice, great even,  to have access to all those great board carriers that your competition enjoys. Therein lies the dilemma of all sales persons, good and great – what can you  sell if you have nothing to sell.  If every time you meet a prospect it is only to have him hand you a list  of markets his current agent approached you find you are not even in  the ball park let alone playing the same game.

Up the ante- get access to over 25 A rated Admitted carriers….today.

With all the major board carriers and then some in your pocket  you are going to be able to give your client or prospect the best possible product at the best possible price. You will know with confidence that you are able to meet his or her insurance needs and budget constraints. When you have a direct appointment you have bargaining power and quick changes can be made.  Let’s face it – a premium of $9,900 looks better than $10,100 on a proposal or it might be worth it to you to give up a point or two to control the account. The whole idea is to give you control.

Yes, you are getting a wide range of insurance carriers to work with but what you are really getting is power when you join SIAA. You gain the power to market your accounts, negotiate the premium and even negotiate the terms of the insurance contract. No middle man, no more broker fees to the wholesalers just you, the company and the client. Clean, direct, powerful!

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