Pacific Agents Alliance Members Succeed

Captive, new or existing retail insurance agencies can exceed production goals with a phone call. Whether you  want to become an independent agent or just see real  growth by adding quality insurance markets to your existing insurance carriers it can really happen for you and it can happen quickly and painlessly.

Members of Pacific Agents Alliance don’t just meet their production goals, they exceed them. Our agents succeed with the strength that comes with numbers. Tired of losing your share of new accounts because you do not have the markets you need to compete with the big guys?  Is your retention suffering for the same reason?  Do you find your agency blocked because you did not get to the carrier in time because your wholesaler missed a submission deadline? If you had a direct appointment with the major carriers that disappointing behavior would stop immediately.

Now you can have the ability to control your markets and meet those submission deadlines. Now you are in control of your production, retention and most importantly your revenue.

Don’t be commission impossible.

Pacific Agents Alliance, LLC is an integral part of SIAA, The National Agency Alliance.  We are truly “one for all and all for one” not “every man for himself”. Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance grew premium by $1billion in 2015 according to a recently published article in the Insurance Journal. Eighty percent of that growth was from existing member agencies. Sounds good, right?  It is. Since its inception in 1995 SIAA and its master agencies have created over 3,000 new start-up agencies and have signed over 5,300 member agencies. You can be a part of this exciting wave of prosperity.

We don’t walk away when the paperwork is signed either. SIAA is committed to the success of our member agencies. If you are an existing agency that needs guidance we are there for you. Maybe you  just need a fresh outlook for production or a more expedient way to cross-sell accounts. If you are a start-up agency that needs mentoring we have  the tools and the experience to lead you to the path of success. We have already been there and we know what worked and what didn’t and you will be saved from making those same mistakes.

We are not signing up your competition either. Our members are accepted on a strategically geographic territory.  Right now membership is available in specified territories.

Call Bill Kinney today at 626-441-7000 extension 128 or 626-376-0000 and ask how you can become a member of the Pacific Agents Alliance family of agencies.

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